Cap Sud Ouest Dordogne, un petit coin de paradis

France 3 replay

Majestic castles, villages with strong personality, sublime landscapes, and this river, the Dordogne, which creates the link. For this show, Eric invites you in the Perigord, to discover a treasure of New Aquitaine, the 10 km probably the wildest of all Europe. Domme, bastide perched above a meander, Beynac powerful medieval fortress, through the unexpected village of La Roque-Gageac, clinging to the cliff, there is over water, a unique concentration of breathtaking places!

Guide MICHELIN 2019

Guide MICHELIN 2019

For our second year of opening, we are pleased to have been selected by the 2019 MICHELIN Guide (with a red symbol: Our most delightful places):

"HISTORIQUE . ELEGANT Au coeur de ce village médiéval très fréquenté en saison, une jolie maison aux volets rouges, située sur les remparts. Les chambres s'y révèlent spacieuses et élégantes (parquet, tapisseries, mobilier chiné...), et le salon-bibliothèque avec cheminée prend toute sa valeur pendant les longue soirées d'hiver."

The Curse of Oak Island team visit Knights Templar prison in Domme

by Julian Cheatle, 9th January 2018 

Members of The Curse of Oak Island team visit an ancient prison in Domme, France, on this week’s episode — where many Knights Templar were held captive in 1307 as they awaited trial.

Some interior walls of the ‘Prison des Templiers’ are engraved with Templar graffiti, which Rick Lagina, Alex Lagina and Peter Fornetti investigate.

In France’s Dordogne region, a land of castles and caves calls for deep exploration

By Tom Shroder, The Washington Post, August 3, 201

When our children were 11 and 9, young enough to still be entirely inside the family circle but old enough to remember, we splurged on a “once in a lifetime vacation” and rented a small farmhouse in Southwestern France outside the village of Saint-Cyprien.